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My beloved personal project starting to see the light of day!

I can still see endless things to work on but I must let go and move on.. so - modeling stage is DONE.


The Banshee queen in all of her might and glory!

as a Warcraft fanboy and Blizzard in general, I just love her character when lately I saw an amazing artwork of her made by "Dashiana" that inspired me so much, I relied on her concept in most part and  it was my guideline but some things just doesn't work well in 3D so I had to do some other artistic modifications and choices, but it's all for a greater cause.. its for the HORDE!



concept art: Dashiana and Blizzard :]

Modeling: Ori Medina (who is this guy..)



Maya | Zbrush 

ori-medina-img-20180122-wa0016 (1).jpg
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