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Venom - Cute But Deadly


Something I'm really Excited about!
"cute but deadly venom" I made based on "Derek Laufman" amazing jumping venom - mashed with "cute but deadly" by "Blizzard Entertainment" - mashed with "Disney Infinity". 
lots of Mixes :]
Most add thanks for some dear friends who pushed and helped me on completing  this piece:
Yanir Tearosh, Nir Ginat, Itay Schlesinger, Or Mabe and of course thanks to Vladimir Loginov for an amazing render!

Click on my Art Station Page to see the workflow I did, the model on "Sketchfab" and a little tutorial I made on how to create the striped on venom's body :]



Modeling/Post Editing: Ori Medina

Shading/Render: and render for big pic made by the amazing Vladimir Loginov.



Maya | Zbrush | 3DStudio Max | Photoshop

Final Frame after Compositing

zBrush renders

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